Agape research


in the spiritual domain

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


'Spiritual' synarchism is both, an impossibility in Truth, and is at the same time one of the most widely practiced phenomenon. That's a paradox, right? Let's look at this paradox.

Synarchism in the spiritual domain involves an attempt in practice to govern the human experience on a platform of materially oriented living and perceptions. It defines some aspects of the material platform as good and desirable, even pleasurable and life-giving. And at the same time it defines other aspects of the identical platform as bad, evil, undesirable, and deadly. 

We have contradictory concepts unfolding here, and we have them unfolding simultaneously on the same platform, like Nazism and Communism all unfolding at the same time and within the same system, or like Zionism and Fascism which are natural opposites. The mingling of opposites in the spiritual sphere may be called 'spiritual' synarchism. 

We run into problems with this when we try to affect the healing of disease by spiritual means which is often pursued with the aim to exert spiritual power over material conditions.  

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), America's scientist and pioneer in spiritual healing, developed a unique method for dealing with this kind of synarchism where we deal with simultainious conflicting ruling elements. Her method in healing was, to shift her entire approach to healing onto a radically higher platform, to a level of perception that stands far above the lower level of perception by which the human problems, such as disease, are defined. 

She never recognized the existence of what is called "good matter" or "bad matter," or the existence of a spiritual healing force with which to restore diseased material conditions. She wrote the following in her "scientific statement of being"

 "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual." (S&H p.468) 

Both, Christian Science healing and the development of man, proceed from this high level basis. Man is a spiritual species. The human genius, not material evolution, defines man, and this genius opens the human scene to infinite development, socially, politically, and physically.

Mary Baker Eddy defines man essentially as portrayed in Genesis 1, in the likeness of God, as a creator of his own world and having dominion over it. This unfolds entirely in the mental sphere. Man literally does not live by the dust of the earth, but by the development of ideas based on the discovery of principles. These are the real resources of humanity, with which our physical resources are created. 

In a very real way, we live in a universe created and governed by the human mind, reflecting divine Mind. Mankind is not the product of the dust of the earth. If we were, we wouldn't exist as we do today. If we lived like a society of monkeys the earth would carry no more that a few million of us. Indeed, mankind has lived that way for hundreds of thousands of years at about the same low population level as monkeys, before the development of our humanity began and our infinite nature began to unfold.

Today, virtually all attributes that define our humanity cannot be explained with material theory, such as our intelligence, love, compassion, honor, beauty; to name just a few aspects. Take a rose for instance. We cherish its beauty. But where does its beauty lie? Does it not lie in ourselves, in our humanity. A rat, for instance, sees nothing in a rose. It sees no beauty, because beauty is not a material thing. Beauty is a spiritual manifest that is lodged in the heart and soul of who we are, in our humanity. I have written a five volume series of novels to explore this dimension of our humanity in the face of universal love. The series has been given the overall title, The Lodging for the Rose.

The boundless capabilities that humanity has already demonstrated defines us all as spiritual beings with profound qualities. With these, we enrich our world when they are developed. That may be the reason why every Renaissance in history, in which our humanity was uplifted and developed to higher levels, unfolded as a celebration of spiritual attributes, such as the recognition of beauty in shapes, color, expressed in art, music, architecture, ideas, love, scientific discoveries, technological achievements, and a commitment by society to enrich and beautify its world.

Christ Jesus illustrated that we can step up to a higher level still, and acknowledge our entire existence as being founded on that level that exists far above the material plane. He constructed a platform of ideas and principles, reflecting the divine Principle, the principle of the universe, where man has dominion to eradicate even disease on the basis of it being an invalid expression of the nature of man as the reflected image of God.

Christ Jesus healed all kinds of diseases on this platform, and so did Mary Baker Eddy in the 19th Century, and have countless others all over the world during this time. On this high platform, that stands far above the physical problem, the entire low level platform becomes defeated where synarchism comes into play, by which the problems unfolds.

This problem of uplifting humanity into the spiritual realm where our perception of man should rightfully be anchored, has wide repercussion in many fields, including every one of the fields in which synarchism is found. In politics, for example, where synarchism has become fascism, and fascism is now threatening the very existence of humanity with the ever increasing mobilization towards nuclear war, a bold fight is being waged against the entire fascist cabal that has lodged itself into high positions of government in the most powerful country on earth. The American economist and statesman, Lyndon LaRouche, has become famous in many countries for staging and leading the fight against this deeply lodged synarchism, which countless people regard as a hopeless venture. Indeed, it must appear as a hopeless venture if one looks locates the task onto the same platform where the problem is anchored. Indeed, who can succeed to overturn the policy direction of the most powerful establishment on the planet that literally owns the media, and with it owns the minds of society; that owns the political parties and with it the control of the nation's future; and that owns the financial and economic apparatus, and with it the purse strings of society. Who can counter all that and hope to succeed?

LaRouche says this can be done, and I am going to do it. He proposes that this challenge can be met by lifting the fight onto the spiritual level where our humanity is truly anchored, where intelligence and reason is acknowledged as the overriding factor that can motivate the human society to take a stand for the principles of its humanity. My experience has been that he exposes the platform on which the fascist, synarchist ideology unfolds, as being inhuman and invalid, and having don this, he takes the lead to expose the real platform of humanity in which society finds its true image that is already anchored in its very heart and soul. LaRouche suggests that this mental move from perversion to reality in human self-perception does not require centuries to unfold, but can unfold at an instant of a profound realization. On this platform, as he assures us, the fight to save civilization can be won.

During the height of the Cold War I pursued a brief exploration of the dynamics of such mental moves that have no inherent inertia to overcome, or limits that would hinder them. I pursued this spiritual exploration in the metaphor of a physical capability, placed in the science fiction setting of a space travel novel. The work has the title, Flight Without Limits. It is a short novel, and also a rather playful novel. So, it appears today that I was far from being aware at the time, of the tremendous importance of the subject that I had touched upon. That novel may therefore be one of the most profound works I have created as its metaphor can be translated into the mental sphere where our humanity truly unfolds, complete with its potential for a 'flight' without limits to heights of perception and self-perception when synachism cannot exist.