Agape research


in the scientific domain

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche



Synarchism in the scientific domain is a unique brand of fascism that has become extremely destructive to society, that robes it of its very Soul. That fascism has many 'faces.' Some of the faces of the 'legions' that serve the empires that employ that brand of synarchism, have well known names attached to them, such as the name of Thomas Hobbes, Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith, Carl Schmitt, and so forth. Other are known by their summary name, as the empiricists,  who deny the very existence of truth pertaining to anything that falls outside the range of sensual experiences; who deny the existence of the unseen truth that is mentally discernable by the human intellect, scientifically understandable and verifiable, and applicable to elevating civilization. 

Another group of the legions of synarchism in the scientific domain is known by the name, the romanticists. They represent a protest movement against the liberating effect of classical science and scientific methods of discovering truth. Their focus is on mysticism, primitivism, magic, sensory saturation, and similar forms of disconnection from the real world.

The destructive feature of this type of synarchism is not in violent reactions as in the political forms of fascism. The destructive effect results from an invasion of the human mind that this synarchism perpetrates by introducing irrational philosophies that disable the human potential for scientific discovery. Their evil is not a power, but a negation that smothers the humanity of man. Our humanity is the greatest treasure we have, and it always exists and is a part of us, but it needs to be nurtured. That is where we are being attacked. Our greatest is useless when it becomes cleverly smothered by the zero-sum philosophies of the synarchists in the scientific domain. 

If an entire generation of youth is 'educated' on the platform of this invasion of irrationalism, or even a second generation as we have it today, the end result is that society has disabled itself to a large extent, as human beings. It has created for itself a foundation, which is its coming generation, that is made up of 'empty' people. Those 'empty' people are now the bulk of society.

The process of creating 'empty' people is not that easily recognized for what it is, and even then, when it is recognized, it is not easily dealt with. I would like to invite you to consider a brief story from my five novels series, The Lodging for the Rose. The brief story addresses this issue of smothering the human intellect more graphically than an expository article can. The story is called, Empty People.

LaRouche's answer to counter the modern phenomenon of a society of largely 'empty' people, which has opened the door to the physical and economic destruction of society that the imperial forces desire, is to re-educate people as radically as possible, especially to take steps to rescue the youth of the nations from this deadly trap of synarchism in the domain of science. That is LaRouche's focus as a first step towards rescuing society itself. For this reason, his political movement, especially his youth movement, has become a university on wheels. LaRouche recognizes that society simply does not function when its moral, spiritual, and scientific infrastructure has been prevented from being developed, when its minds have been emptied of the very perceptions and capabilities that count.

Mary Baker Eddy, obviously understood this danger to society already in the mid 1800s. She too, provided a pedagogical process to counter the unfolding dehumanizing process and to reverse the resulting mental deficit in society if it should occur. For reasons unknown to me, a consistent effort has been made to deny the existence of the large array of the pedagogical structures that Mary Baker Eddy has created for that purpose, which appear to be specifically designed to support and advance the moral, spiritual, and scientific development of society (see, Provisions for Our Age). Nor is there any effort made in the field of Christian Science to end that denial of the very foundation on which Christian Science itself has been founded.

There exists at the present time nothing in the Christian Science field that comes even remotely close to the pedagogical development that the LaRouche organization has started, especially in connection with its youth movement, which can truly be described as being explosive! Christian Science, in contrast is rapidly disappearing in spite of its proven potential.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when the moral, spiritual, and scientific development of humanity has to be promoted as a political project. It should be the most dearly cherished project by society itself, to protect its very Soul, and to develop the riches of its humanity on which its physical existence depends. It appears that this is what Mary Baker Eddy had hoped to inspire, and what LaRouche is now literally forced to reinvent before humanity collapses itself totally into new dark age, beginning with its already far advanced financial and economic disintegration and its determined march towards a nuclear world war (see more on that issue).