Agape research


in the political domain

by Rolf A. F. Witzsche, July 1, 2003


In a widely acclaimed science fiction movie that gradually builds up towards to great a battle, a battle against an ominous rise of an evil empire, which battle is eventually won in the face of incredible odds, an ending is introduced that should sober our heads in today's world. While the forces of good celebrate their victory in the movie, the wisest among them counters: "Victory you say? That was no victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the Clone Wars have."

Not many months ago Lyndon LaRouche cautioned society that the world has entered the terminal phase of on an ongoing financial and economic collapse that opens the gates to a new dark age. While a great deal of progress has been made through LaRouche's efforts to restore sanity and protect civilization, no victory can yet be proclaimed. As the wisest of the wise would caution again: "Victory you say? No victory has jet been achieved. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the New Dark Age has, in the USA and in many areas of the world."

The evidence of the new dark age is changing daily, as ever deeper cuts are made in state budget, if budgets are being passed at all, for the lack of revenue. Unemployment is rising, manufacturing output is collapsing, and the imports that keeps the nation going are largely not paid for as the nation's current account deficit keeps going through the roof, together with its debt-load that has become unplayable. To keep the whole house of cards from collapsing, a "wall of money" is being thrown into the market at negative interest rates. That's newly created currency is being put out to lure suckers to the 'feast.' The game plan that one hears about on the grape wine from knowledgeable sources, is that at the height of the feast the discount interest rate will be raised ten fold, to between seven and ten percent, to loot the suckers and create social chaos. Chaos is the synarchists real goal, as in ancient Rome, as a means to soften the ground for the intended imperial takeover of society.

On the strategic side, the shroud of darkness has fallen just as heavily. The once most moral nation on the planet, that had been hailed as the beacon of liberty for all mankind, is aspiring to become the number one fascist ruler in the world, who proudly proves its intent with an ever greater emphasis on the preemptive use of nuclear weapons to achieve its goal. 

Like Adolf Hitler, on his rise to power, burned down the German parliament building in 1933, and a day later suspended all civil liberties*1, America's modern synarchists had their Reichstag fire on Sept. 11, 2001, which paved the way for the new fascist rule that unfolded in the shadow of it. The synarchists, who call themselves the neocons, like Hitler before them, started their long proclaimed wars for which no exit has been planned, which the synarchists have proudly promised will be but the beginning for a whole string of wars that won't likely be over for a hundred years. It's been said jokingly by one of their own, "After Baghdad, Beijing." In a way, the joke reveals the intent. It merely omits a few of the intermediate steps to the goal, which the synarchists have identified as Syria, Iran, North Korea, to name just a few, and yes, many of the countries identified are on the target list for nuclear weapons. Three new planning agencies have been created for planning the use of nuclear weapons in preemptive war.

The synarchists are empire builders, they always have been, though they have never succeeded. Even Rome didn't succeed. It was kept together by brute force for a 'season', but it never really succeeded to function productively. It was self-destructive by its very design. Rome did not fall victim to the invasion of a superior force. It was taken over by an insignificant force when there was nothing left of it worth to mention. The conqueror to took Rome didn't even bother to name himself, Caesar.

The fall of America in the grip of the synarchists, probably began in 1877 with the act of Congress that mat some day have a prominent spot in the annals of infamy: the Specie Resumption Act, that took a way the nation's currency and imposed a foreign currency in its place. In more fundamental terms, the grip of the synarchists began to tighten much earlier. Behind the scene the plotting of the synarchists has been ongoing almost since the day the U.S. republic was born. It gave rise to the Civil War, and when that war to destroy the republic couldn't be won, the synarchists killed the leader who defeated their game, Abraham Lincoln. That happened in April 1865. Twelve years later the next civil war was unleashed and won by the synarchists, the Specie Resumption Act.

The act was imposed two years after Mary Baker Eddy's textbook on Christian Science was first published, at a time when this science was still new, and its potential poorly understood. Nevertheless, thirty six years passed until the synarchists achieved another victory. This second major victory occurred in 1913. It occured a bit over two years after Mary Baker Eddy's passing. It is being reported by some of her household that she devoted herself two to three times a day to the healing of humanity. The world was her patient. Even the drive for World War I, that had been pushed for decades, didn't succeed until after her passing. After that, so it seems, all hell funally broke loose. 

In 1913 the Federal Reserve monetary system was imposed by Congress, in the form of a private central bank, operating for profit. By this act the sovereign right of society to create and control its own currency was surrendered into the hands of private interests. The nation's most vital economic infrastructure for economic processes, was privatized. In the same year the U.S. Constitution was amended to impose for the first time a permanent income tax on the nation, that evidently became necessary in order to feed the private (misnamed) Federal Reserve system. Then, a year later down the road of dehumanization, World War I broke out.

There appears to exists a background connection between society's loss of moral, spiritual, and scientific focus and development, and the rise of synarchist incursions deep into the heart and soul of society, to imperialize society. The USA never recovered from the loss of its sovereignty that was imposed by the synarchists in 1913. The nation's self-destruction was fully set into motion at this time, which was interrupted only once, during the Franklin Delanor Roosevelt years when America's economic strength was required to rescue the British Empire from its failed Hitler project. that had gone out of hand.

Actually, Roosevelt didn't cooperate with Churchill the save the Empire, as historians suggest. The two joined hands to defeat the synarchist menace that had run amok in Germany, that had threatened not only the British Empire, but the whole world. That fight eventually cost humanity in excess of a hundred-million lives. The real figure with all secondary losses included will probably never be known. Still, that war wasn't truely won. As the wise of the wise would interject here; "Victory you say? That was no victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the real war has."

The real war was ushered in on August 6, 1945, in Japan, in the city of Hiroshima. The quest for world domination had begun. The basic design for the New Empire, now called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), came out the workshop of H. G. Wells and Bertrand Russell, the imperial promoters of the atomic bomb. The second component for the New American Century came out of the underbelly of Hitler's Nazi empire. That latter component provided the new synarchists, also called fascists, the platform for caring out the Wells/Russells imperial dream. Key to that component was the Nazi "Crown Jurist" Carl Schmitt. This was the same Carl Schmitt who provided the legal excuses for the atrocities that Hitler aspired to, and later carried out. Schmitt also provided the legal arguments to utilize Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, the emergency degree, to establish a 'temporary' dictatorship under the Constitution.*2

In his twisted mind, Schmitt not only abolished in effect the entire constitutional structure of government, but he went further than that, and abolished the universal rights of man. Like Thomas Hobbes, Schmitt regarded man as intrinsically evil, and Schmitt built on that and regarded some people more evil than others, such as the foreigners and the Jews, which were later treated accordingly in a wave of murder that destroyed the life of six million people. 

That is the kind of poison that Carl Schmitt had dished out to his students as Professor of Law at the University of Berlin. One of the apparently more receptive students of this philosophy was Leo Strauss. It was Strauss, whom Schmitt eventually personally sponsored to come to America to study Hobbes under a Rockefeller Fellowship. Strauss had been taught by Heiddeger, a respected friend of Schmitt, and himself an idealizer of the Neitzschean fascist ideology. With this vast background in fascist ideology to his 'credit' Leo Strauss became himself a Professor at the University of Chicago in later years.

As a good student of Hobbes, Strauss made himself known, and useful to the would be synarchists, in circles of government. His message was simple: There is no God, and the Universe cares nothing for man and mankind, which means implicitly, why should we care? Indeed, this antihuman philosophy justifies any atrocity for any purpose. His saying was that the sum of human history is nothing more than an insignificant speck. From that standpoint it is but a small step to ask, why should one not indulge oneself and build empires to one's heart's content, no matter who and how many get buried in the process, as many did on September 11, 2001.

Leo Strauss became the ideological foundation for the modern neocon synarchists who have now become implanted into some of the highest positions in the U.S. Government, especially into possitions related to national defense. Through this link, which establishes a direct line of ideological succession all the way from molding forces of Hitler's fascist theories and practices to the White House of the USA, a power base has been established which now represents the same Hitlerite fascist ideology in America, with the Wells/Russell nuclear bomb imperial terrorism superimposed on it.

We live in very dangerous times, therefore. It took the entire world six years to shut down the Hitler fascist experiment, because nobody acted while the experiment could have still been stopped before it unfolded its horrors. In the modern world the new fascist experiment is barely two and half years old. Two countries have already been destroyed, while the USA itself is rapidly following Hitler's lead in suspending civil liberties and turning itself into the most despised nation on the planet, with the worst yet to come.

Fortunately it is still possible to shut down the synarchist/fascist cabal in the U.S., before it sets the world on fire with nuclear weapons. At the present time Lyndon LaRouche has committed himself to winning this fight, and the world is well aware of this commitment and awaits the results. Still, the danger to humanity remains and becomes greater by the day. With it, also increases the danger that humanity looses hope as it sees no solution unfolding on the horizon, but hears the war drums for nuclear attacks getting louder. The danger is that humanity may see itself forced from a certain point on to preemptively eradicate the American threat to its existence.

The insanity of the synarchist movement that issues these threats, comes to light in many respects, economically and strategically. It is in irony that the synarchists are rolling out America's weakest card in an attempt to advance their impeialism, which is the nation's nuclear arsenal. America's vast superiority in nuclear weapons, which they parade beore humanity, means nothing. It makes no difference in real terms that America has ten-thousand nuclear bombs in store, in comparison to the few hundred that other nations have, if a single big bomb is sufficient to terminate the USA as a functioning nation. In this sense, the nuclear bomb has become the great equalizer in the world that to some degree helps humanity to protect itself against synarchist imperial aggression. In other words, the Cold War is by no means over. It won't be over for as long as the synarchist/fascist ideology reigns in the world and continues to infest the minds of humanity.

Against this background LaRouche's deserves, and requires to whatever degree is physically possible, the support of all sane people in America and around the world for his high priority mission to impeach, or otherwise dismiss, the U.S. Vice President as today's organizational center of the synarchist/fascist movement in high places. The danger for a nuclear war has become too great for this responsibility to be avoided. Nothing less than a total success will suffice, because to fail in achieving this vital necessity is not an option that society can easily survive. The days are long over when society can sit idly by, as it did in the 1930s when Hitler was put into positions of power by those who idealized synarchism. People's reactions in those days were to wait and see. On can still hear it being said, "Oh, it can't be that bad. Let's see what he can do." The destructive force of modern nuclear weapons is infinitely too great for this kind of attitude to prevail.

No will this first step alone, suffice. Synarchism/fascism is not a person, but an idea. It is an idea centered on the perception of man as intrinsically evil. Humanity cannot gain its freedom from synarchism unless it defeats the idealism that it represents. It is the idea that creates the policies of state which rip up the tallest constitutions and drag humanity into war from the highest position of power. That is why it must be acknowledged that World War II has not been won in real terms. A single man and his clique had been brought down in this war at a cost of a hundred million lives lost, but the idea behind them had not been defeated. The idea has now come to roost in America and has infested its platform of business, its economy, its institutions for learning, and finally its highest possition of government. Removing the one man from power who presently leads the pack, as Lyndon LaRouche aims to do, may spare the world a new kind tragedy of the type for which a hundred million lives were once lost to end it, but the removal of that one key man will not end the real war, the war that humanity must win against the idea of synarchism and fascism. Unfortunately, that war has not even been declared, except to some degree by LaRouche whose has been reviled and slandered for it by the synarchists, in an effort to silence his voice.

Mary Baker Eddy never used the term synarchism, nor the term fascism, that had not been invented in 1800s. Still, she was keenly aware of the type of mental movements that they represent. The soft form of it, she gave the name, "mortal mind," for which she gave an extremely broad definition. For the aggressive form of synarchism, which is fascism in today's terminology, she created a different concept which she labeled (appropriately), "animal magnetism." Apparently she chose the term since dishonesty, sensuality, falsehood, revenge, malice, and so forth are animal propensities and by no means the mental qualities of man, the kind which she had developed and utilized to heal the sick. Indeed, she was right on the mark with that definition since all the fascist elements of synarchism, idealized through the ages have literally abolished the true nature of man as a spiritual being, beginning with Thomas Hobbes progressing onwards to Carl Schmitt, and on to Leo Strauss and his legions of followers. These imperial philosophers truly have abolished in their minds and in their preaching the very image of man, which they turned upside down by defining man as intrinsically evil and worthless and as of a lower status than most animals.

The effects of Mary Baker Eddy's profound work in opposing the hard and soft-core elements of synarchism has been such that the world experienced a 35 year period of relative calm on the synarchist front, except for the mounting wave of unsuccessful synarchist attacks and slanders against herself and her work.

LaRouche's work, that is not as deeply rooted in the spiritual/scientific domain, though it comes close to it, has had a similar effect in holding back the march of synarchism, although to a lesser degree. And that essentially sums up mankind's defenses against synarchism in today's world. 

There simply is no other movement happening in the world that counters synarchism in any effective manner. Outside of Mary Baker Eddy's work which has been largely shut down, LaRouche's political work, that represents many of the same principles that she had represented, constitutes in the present age the one and only major organizational effort to counter synarchism and fascism. There simply is nothing else moving on this vital front. 

This complete lack of movement elsewhere, and the high level foundation on which LaRouche's work has been built, literally makes LaRouche's effort the only major organization effort in the world today that has any hope of succeeding in protecting humanity and civilization from the ravishing of synarchism and fascism. No other efforts an a similar basis are even on the horizon yet, and this at a time when Mary Baker Eddy's work is pushed so far into the background that is flatly denied to even exist.

That's the sad sate of the world today. LaRouche's movement is literally all that we can count on, with which to defend ourselves against the greatest threat to civilization and to human existence that has ever existed in the entire history of humanity, while humanity itself has been put to sleep.

Whether the present efforts that are made, will turn out to be enough cannot be determined. It appears that they are not enough, that much greater efforts and on a broader base, are required. The subject is discussed to some degree in one of the countless stories that are threaded through the five volume series of novels, The Lodging for the Rose. The story is called, For the Sake of Truth. It deals with the logic for China, as a government, officially recognizing and supporting LaRouche's efforts as a means for protecting its security. Evidently this kind of support is needed, and not just coming from China.

The evidence for this assessment can be found in the simply fact that America, that once stood as the champion for freedom and democracy has been essentially erased from that position by the forces of synarchism and fascism. LaRouche himself is intertwined with that evidence. His voice has been silenced and banned from the nation's media that is wholly owned by the synarchist forces, just as the German media was owned by the same types of forces in Hitler's time, by means of which Hitler owned the minds of the German society.

LaRouche is even banned in the USA from taking part in the electoral process for the U.S. Presidency, regardless of the fact that that he has a greater broad based support in the population, according to official figures, than any other candidate running for the presidential office. In other words, all the lofty principles that America had once cherished above all else, have been trashed and disposed of.

In a similar manner has the principle of justice been trashed. The judicial political persecution that had been unleashed against LaRouche constitutes the most deeply reaching judicial crime, possibly in the entire history of the USA, while under the same criminal system of justice the crime of high treason is being swept under the rug, as the one that has recently been committed by some of the highest officials in government who dragged the nation into a horrible, unjustifiable war, on the basis of intentional lies with the intent to mislead the public.

None of the ugly deeds that the synarchists are perpetrating in the USA, and have perpetrated for some time already, are in any way different than what the synarchists have perpetrated in Hitler's domain under the nose of the 'little' man who had the inclination to follow and stay their course.

The bottom line is, we are presently as deeply mired in the grasp of synarchism and fascism as Germany had been during the years of Hitler. To date, no historic precedent exists of a society rescuing itself from this far advanced grasp at its very Soul. In other words, we are facing a challenge today, considering the nuclear component that is involved, that is greater than any challenge that has ever been faced in the entire history of humanity. 

This challenge must not only be met; it must also be overcome.

To overcome this challenge, we have only one single option, which is to raise the platform for our fight for freedom far above the level on which the problem of synarchism is defined; to raise it to the highest level that is attainable. It needs to be raised even higher than the high level platform that was established in 1648, for the Peace of Westphalia. We need to address today's challenge from the platform of the principle of universal love, and this to such depth that it pervades all aspects of society from the spiritual level to the scientific level, including the social level.

That is a tall order, but it is at the same time the most minimal task that we need to accomplish, because anything less offers little hope for success. We have to succeed in doing that, even while the tallest infrastructures that have been created for achieving this task have been largely disabled. Whatever it takes to accomplish that task, we need to be willing to do, or else we cannot survive, and we won't.


*1 - On January 30, 1933, Weimar Republic President Paul von Hindenburg appoints Adolph Hitler to the post of Chancellor later years of Germany. On February 27, 1933, the German Parliament Building, "The Reichstag" goes up in flames. A Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe is found near the scene and is charged with arson, and is later executed for the political crime sponsored by the Nazies, most likely Herman Goering. One day later, on February 28, 1933, President Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler, jointly invoke Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, which permits under the interpretation of "Crown Jurist" Carl Schmitt, the suspension of civil liberties in times of a national emergency.

*2 - Source, Childern of Satan, The 'Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's No-Exit War. Study on Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt.