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by Rolf A. F. Witzsche


It is generally assumed that synarchism is exclusively a political phenomenon. Actually, that is a shallow perception, because the phenomenon of synarchism can also be identified in the spiritual domain, as well as in the social domain, and yes, even in the scientific domain.

Let us explore the nature of synarchism in all of these domains. But first, let's look at the root meaning of the concept of synarchism and the two associated concepts, anarchism and fascism.

Anarchy: The absence of, or the denial of, any established order, authority, or ruling power.

Synarchy: Multiple joint rule or authority, or sovereignty. The terms is related to, Synchronism, which defines multiple events unfolding simultaneously, or actions occurring at the time, usually by intent.

Synarchism, thus becomes the idea of a rule by multiplicity, expressed in what may be termed a multipolar 'order' which is inherently chaotic with irrational authority, exercising power with diverse objectives, pursued simultaneously.

In the political sphere synarchism unfolds as a strange paradox of fundamental contradictions, such Nazi-Communism. The modern world is presently choked in the stranglehold of numerous such paradoxes of contradictory pursuits, each of which represents a total denial of the existence of universal principles reflected in the universe and in the humanity of mankind. In this sense, synarchism is really nothing more than a form of anarchism that is cleverly hidden behind the cloak of many disguises. Like anarchism, its general goal is to eradicate legitimate government that functions on the basis of universal principles. The synarchist approach towards this goal, is usually to creating chaos by means of irrational impositions for the purpose of conditioning society for the imposition of imperial rule.

Synarchy is a special kind of anarchy. By setting up multiple forms of 'order' at once, the end result is no order. This hidden form of anarchy is highly dangerous to society, as its mode of operation is extremely destructive in its effect. This outcome is by intent. The built in denial of Principle makes the outcome also highly paradoxical, resulting in such strange self-contradictory phenomena as Nazi-Communism, or Zionist-Fascism, or American-Imperialism, all of which are but phases of a larger 'end-game' called:

 "the end of history doctrine."

Fascism is a modern term for synarchism which pertains primarily to the political domain. Lyndon LaRouche suggests that the term fascism was drawn from the term the Roman Empire had coined for its legions, the "faces." Thus, fascism represents the synarchism of the countless face of Rome who terrorized society into submission. That was the imperial goal.

In later centuries Napoleon Bonapart was 'groomed' for a similar role by the British Empire of his time, which he performed with great zeal as the first modern fascist ruler, affecting the destruction of Europe, followed in step by Hitler, who was installed as another pawn in another more advanced game of  fascism, probably without him ever knowing the design that he served.

Let's stop at this point and look at the wider sphere of the phenomenon of synarchism that has pervaded all the fundamental domains of our humanity.


Synarchism in the spiritual domain

Synarchism in the social domain

Synarchism in the political domain

Synarchism in the scientific domain


The great challenge that we all face, is to dig ourselves out of this trap that holds society in impotence in all of the four domains that have been infested by this disease, in order to regain our native dominance as human beings. That's not a small challenge, but one that we can certainly meet, and thereby gain our freedom.

The tallest challenge that is involved in all of these domains is the challenge of coming to terms with the principle of universal love, which is the fundamental principle that synarchism denies. By establishing this universal principle as its primary foundation, society enables itself to not only hinder the march of synarchism, but to eradicate all forms of it and everything associated with it. In order to contribute something towards meeting this challenge of coming to terms with the principle of universal love, I have created a series five novels with the summary title, The Lodging for the Rose.

The first novel of the series, Discovering Love, is designed to focus directly on the issue of the principle of universal love in its most difficult context, the social context, while the remaining four novels continue this theme alone the same line, but also in the context with the challenges arising in the four above listed domains that have become uniquely infested with the disease of synarchism. The table below shows the correlation between the novels and the domains they apply to.

Research books Synarchism in the spiritual domain
Novels Synarchism in the social domain
Stories from the novels Synarchism in the political domain

Spiritual discovery series

Synarchism in the scientific domain



The various works were not originally designed to have a direct relationship to the various domains where synarchism plays a debilitating role. The correlation was applied after the series were completed. The series were applied retroactively, because the correlation fits surprising well. The sequence in which the domains are listed was based on Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures, in the sequence of the logical development flow that she had outlined therein. That sequence, too, matches precisely the the characteristics of the unfolding sequence of the novels. This natural correlation shouldn't seem surprising if one considers that both structures reflect the universal principles which unfold universally in the same manner and come to light in the same pattern of expression no matter in which context the principles are brought to light.

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Peace-Building novels

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1, Discovering Love
2, The Ice Age Challenge
3, Roses as Dawn in an Ice Age World
4, Winning without Victory
5, Seascapes and Sand
6, The Flat Earth Society
7, Glass Barriers
8, Coffee Sex and Biscuits
9, Endless Horizons
10, Angels of Sex in Queensland
11, Sword of Aquarius
12, Lu Mountain
13, Flight Without Limits
14, Brighter than the Sun


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